LOTD 029


There’s a ton of events out right now but I have not had any time to get to them. I’m busy lately with work and trying to keep everything together there. My niece’s birthday is also coming up and I can’t believe she’s already going to be a year old. She’s such a little brat, but I love her, and she’s pretty damn adorable so, that’s a plus. This is an outfit I pieced together awhile ago, with a mix of things from various events and past events but I love how it turned out. The dress is so simple but the way it’s shaped gives it a certain element of sexy that you really don’t need to dress it up much more than what I have. I’ve been listening to this song a lot lately also, and I’ve been linked to a few others, and I have say, I like it. A lot.

HEADDRESS | Cellar Door – Valkyrie Headdress
HAIR | elikatira – Elika
EYELINER | {S0NG} – Catlick Eyeliner
EYE LASHES | Mon Cheri – Falsies
LIP GLOSS | *BOOM* – Pale Pucker Pack
GORGET | Junbug – My Lord’s Black Gorget
DRESS | Cellar Door – Valkyrie dress
BRACERS | The Forge – Viking Bracers
THIGHS | EZ -Lorien Bracer
SHOES | enfant terrible – Wayfarer’s sandals


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