Totally Top Shelf Event

Totally Top Shelf Event

I wanted to take a quick minute to post this and let everyone know of the amazing new event that a good friend of mine, Darky, and her friend have been putting together! The Totally Top Shelf event will be debuting in June I believe and so far they have an amazing line up of designers! The current confirmed designers are: Black Pearls, Freya, PFC, LUAS, Yasum Design, The Fallen, May’s Soul, Aii, uLukie, Sweet Poison, Meshed Up, Tideborns, !gO!, Rack Poses, On A Lark, Kei-Spot, Stitched Gods, and Belissima! They’re going to be having a ton of stuff for men as well, so please make sure you stay tuned in for more information on the event and if you have any questions, contact Darky (darkmatter.wizardly) or Sinister (sinister.razor)!


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