LOTD 035



It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged and that’s mainly because I haven’t been feeling very inspired. There have been so many events that I’ve missed out on and with forced overtime at work, and Gor just boring me to death, I thought I had given up on blogging for good. But fear not! I am back. The dress is from Bare Rose, and I love their shit SO much some times. It’s customizable so I tinted it to my needs, and it still looks great. The bracelet is from On A Lark, from the Viking fair. As always, Lark is making sure to make one-of-a-kind, quality jewelry and clothing for people to wear. My favorite piece of the outfit (besides the hair, which I adore) is the Hibiscus necklace and ring, made by Enigma. The detail on the petal texture is amazing and using a wooden texture for the band/chain really makes it stand out from other jewelry makers. You can pick up those two pieces from the Save The Date event!


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