LOTD 036


I have to say, I am really loving this whole fitted mesh craze. Some lovely woman I met at a sim where I roleplay, decided to give me some free trials of her clothes, telling me she was going to start making them again, and when I saw they were fitted mesh, I died a little. So naturally, I found her marketplace store (The Sloven Woman) and bought nearly everything she had on there, and so far, this is the first outfit I’ve put together and I have to say I absolutely love it. The shading on the dress texture makes it look more realistic without making it too dark or drastic. I love that it allows me to still have a little bit of a bubble butt (I had to make a special fitted mesh edition of my shape) and some bobos. I find dresses all the time that I like, real upscale mesh, but half of the time there is no definitive ass or it’s flat in the front, so like I said, I vote yes for fitted mesh. The bracelets are from The Forge, they were featured at the Countdown room, and the necklace is from the lovely Lark at OAL. The hair I got from Catwa, it’s a new “flexi mesh” design, it offers bangs as an option by giving an attachment, and there is also a flexi attachment that gives you just wisps of flexi strands for added realism. The flexi is totally optional, which I like. Enjoy!


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