LOTD 039


Yes, another one. I am on a roll. I have found it’s very very very hard to find a hair that doesn’t cascade over the front of your shoulders, which has been problematic for me because sometimes I like to wear big, gawdy necklaces that I want to show off, but can’t. Well my new favorite hair store, Moon Hair, has this particular hair “Sugar Hiccup” that offers a little bit of face framing, but silhouettes down the back. It comes in 2 lengths for those of you that like hair down to your knees, and in numerous colors. I got this necklace from the Project Limited event, and Deccan once again amazes me. I love his jewelry and armor, I always have, and this is no exception. The bangles are also by Deccan, Gypsy Bangles that were featured at the Countdown Room. My head chain is an add-on from the Isadora hair by .aisling., which you can get at The Seasons Story. My top is made by *Shai*, a designer I’d never heard of before, but I really like this top. I find it hard for me to find cropped bandeaus/bustiers for those high-waisted pieces, especially with mesh it’s hard to fit, but this worked out perfectly, and you can get it at Collabor88. Peqe has done it again with this skirt, which is available at The Secret Affair, and I am especially partial to this because it fits with my current RP character perfectly! The roses come with a hud so that you can change the color to better match your outfit.




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