LOTD 041


The Totally Top Shelf event is starting and I was really excited to blog this item, just because I got to have a little more fun with it and stray from the traditional gowns/dresses/etc. The theme for this round is ‘elements’ and Sad Harlekin brings us two staffs, the one featured is the frost staff, and they are also going to have a flame staff. I really like the fact that you can attach this staff to any body part (a reasonable body part…) and move it to fit your needs. I moved it from my back to my hand, and played around with poses. Both staffs are put together very well and the textures on them are very clean and not grainy/distorted. I paird the staff with a few things from {aii} who just makes the most off-the-wall, amazing costume things ever like this wrap and headdress, both of which I got from their marketplace store. The fades on my arms and legs are of course from the Plastik, available in SO MANY COLORS, and also on their marketplace. The last thing I want to talk about is my skin. I have gone back and forth between so many skin makers because, honestly, I like the more realistic looking skins. Some skin makers either shade too much, or they are too cartoony looking (yes I realize we are avatars, but still!) and I stuck with the same skin for YEARS. The skin I am currently in love with is from The Skinnery, and it’s available in-world and is called ‘Zoey’. Now, a lot of skins have the realism thing down pat, and I enjoy those as well, but, The Skinnery have perfected the seamlessness between their Lola’s appliers and their Phat Azz appliers. Granted, I wear the Ghetto Booty from uLuckie, but the seams are literally invisible. I have never had a skin where the side seams blended in so well, and now with the new fitted mesh Lola’s, which comes with an alpha, it’s just amazing.


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