LOTD 043

brighteyes1 brighteyes2


Here is another preview from Totally Top Shelf, coming August 11th! I have used a lot of {S0NG} products before, mainly their eyeliner (because it is amazing and simple and not ridiculously prices) which have been featured in almost all of my previous blogs, so when I saw they were releasing eyes for TTS I was super excited. I am really picky when it comes to eyes, I feel like a lot of eyes make my avatar look really cartoonish, or the color of the eyes are too saturated but this pack of eyes, I loved them all. I wish I could wear them all at once, but I feel a 32 eyed monster running around wouldn’t be fun for anyone. The eyes come in 16 different colors, with system eyes and also mesh versions which are modifiable. If you click the pictures above, you will be able to see them closely (I didn’t edit these photos at all, as far as coloring/shading goes), and if you are interested in all the other amazing products {S0NG] has, feel free to check out their in-world store! The hair is from Little Bones, I love them, go buy their stuff.




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