LOTD 042


My lovely friend was a doll and posed for me so I could do a male post. The male clothing game in SecondLife, especially in Gorean/Viking/Medieval, whatever you would like to call it, has really stepped up it’s game. My friend Jesus, here, is wearing one of my favorite pieces from Peqe, which is now available in their mainstore. It fits well over any outfit, as it comes in the five standard sizes, and the fur is versatile for a more rugged ‘viking’ look (like above) or also a little more regal look depending on the sim you’re playing at. The gloves, the chestpiece, the belt and boots are all from PFC. The chest piece, and belt can be purchased at this round of The Secret Affair, The gloves and boots were featured at the previous round of We ❤ Roleplay (new round coming soon!!) and can now be purchased on their marketplace or in-world. The shield is also one of my favorite pieces, you can’t tell really from the picture but the detail on it is immaculate, and that was a gacha item from Stitched Gods which you can still try for if you’re feeling lucky (it’s an epic rare!) by clicking here. If you’re interested in any of the other items he is wearing, feel free to click the jump after the video!

Skin – theshops “Yves” skin
Eyes – {Dead Apples} striking eyes in “Rain”
Eyebrows/Eyeliner – Aeros Avatar River Enhancer “Corrupted” brows/”Kohl eyeliner 02″
Hairbase – Amacci hairbase tattoo “Jet Black”
Hair – [taketomi] Neymar hair in “Blacks”
Pants – *chronokit* Culottes Sarrouel pants in “Black”
Piercings – Pekka Canion unisex piercing in “Black” & Cute Poison Ova Piercings “Part 2”
Weapons – Centipede “Mercury Sword” & LR Weapons “Mashahiro Katana”


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