LOTD 045

final2 Nerdology_001



Another preview of the wonderful things coming to Totally Top Shelf! First we have the witchy set up by Nerdology which is shown above! It comes with everything you see here (minus the rug) and then some. Orbs, a raven, a tarot card, potion bottles, spell books galore. As for the outfit, the crown will be featured at TTS as well and is also by Nerdology. The outfit is from the Luas gacha at The Secret Affair, and my hair is from Little Bones. I’m still wearing the {S0NG} Bright Eyes, this time in “Sky”. They are just too gorgeous to not wear. The little flashy, orby-looking thing in my hand is a preview from .aisling. for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, which is coming soon! You can get it from their store for free by clicking here! Click the jump below to see Nerdology’s adverts for the TTS event.



CrystalOrb Ad Daily Tarot Card Ad Extra Potion Blottles Ad Laurel Crown AD Witches Table


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