LOTD 046

Sirenscall I got to have a lot of fun with this one although I have nowhere to wear it! First let us talk about the beautiful jewelry/pauldrons that Lark has made for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. The crown, pauldrons, and earrings will be featured by On A Lark at the event, and as usual, they come with color changing huds for customization, and Lark also made my thigh band. My hair is from Milk! and they are super adorable little teeny tiny hair buns, and it comes with a hairbase so you don’t have to waste time finding one that matches. The nose ring is from .Renegade. and they have some amazing things at their in-world store, you should definitely check it out. My body suit is from Reign, they make the best applier clothing around for both Lola’s and Phat Azz (which I have to convert for my Ghetto Booty) and also some of the sickest shoes, so go check out their in-world store as well. My little hip rag is from the last round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and it is by Murdock Inc., who will also be featured at the upcoming Totally Top Shelf event, and I will be blogging that piece soon 😉 The sword above is by Siren’s Call and that will actually be featured at the TTS event as well! It comes in 4 different versions, of course the theme being elements, so there will also be air, fire, earth, and water swords. Another one of my favorite pairs of shoes from Dirty Princess, super affordable, available on the marketplace, get to it. As always, click the cut for the ads!

  _OAL_ Lotus Collection Earrings _OAL_ Lotus Collection ULTRA 1 _OAL_ Lotus Collection ULTRA 2 blacksword Siren's Call-logo


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