LOTD 047


Yes, another Totally Top Shelf post! The pieces that the designers are coming out for this event really stand out above other pieces I’ve seen for different events, and I’ve never been one to dress up TOO much, so I really dig the fact that these are easy to dress with sparing jewelry, etc. This dress is probably one of my favorite pieces from the event thus far, and it is by FDD.I like the random stitching which makes it look piece-y, and the collar (which is optional) gives it a more high class, fancy dancy look (perfect for period roleplay), or for more urban-ish roleplay as a strapless dress. It comes in three different colors: peach, plum, creme, and mint. The staff is by Bite & Claw, and I’ve seen some of their stuff featured at We ❤ Roleplay which I’ve liked, so I was really interested to see what they would put together for this event. I love the simplicity of the staff, it’s textures are clean, there isn’t a ton of decoration which leaves you to admire the main focus which seems to get the orb/gem in the middle. It will of course come in different elemental colors for air, earth, fire, and water. The nail appliers are by ZOZ, who make sooo many appliers for nails, but they also feature shoes and other accessories for your avatar. They offer a hud for both fingers and toes, and they give you different elemental symbols/colors to choose from! There are only 3 more days until TTS, so make sure you save your monies, Click the cut for ads!


-{ZOZ}- Chakra Polish pix bc fdd fdd2


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