LOTD 048


I am featuring two of my favorite items right now, one from Tales of Fantasy, and one from the upcoming Totally Top Shelf event! First I’ll start with TOF, and my good friend Damon at Enigma has made another phenomenal item. The Valkyrie pauldrons come in different metal options and the detail work and distressed textures are immaculate. He also made this awesome kilt, which is actually for men, but hey…who cares. The second thing I want to feature is the awesome, fitted mesh snake that SWaGGAa has created for the TTS event. They’ve actually created 4 different types of snakes, most of them with a male and female version AND they come with a color changing hud. It makes me want a pet snake! The bracer is from We ❤ Roleplay Also, I’m going to feature some furniture from [Fetch] that will also be at the TTS event. They’ve created a chair and mirror, and I love love the look of the chair, it reminds me of something I might find in Wonderland.




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