LOTD 049


Totally Top Shelf is here and the more items that I see the more I like them! There are a lot of staffs this round, and this post is featuring one from >glYph< which comes in an assortment of colors, I am wearing the violet to go along with my hair. Munereia is featured twice in this post! The first is the tattoo, which looks a lot like tribal body paint and comes in different colors/designs. I’m wearing the air version, which looked best with the outfit that I am wearing. The second item from Munereia are the elementair daggers, which come with a color changing hud for the hilt, blade, and the tiny little shards that stick out of the hilt. The outfit is from Pure Poison, it comes in a color changing hud for the metals, collar, and fabric. The back flap isn’t flexi but it moves, it’s magic. The shoes are from UD, the Very High Wedge, which come in a bunch of cool, neon colors/designs. All in all, I think this round of the TTS is going to go off with a hitch. Again, if you haven’t been yet, click here, for a taxi to the event and check out all of the amazing designers that participated this round!



[UD] TTS Event Very high wedge


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