LOTD 050



I needed to take a break from the blog for a few because honestly, my inventory is depressing. I can’t, for the life of me, remember which event which item came from, and if I don’t blog it -immediately- I’ll forget I even have it. I feel like I need a SL filing cabinet, and to stay more organized. I put this outfit together yesterday, and yes, I am aware, I look like a Christmas Carol Barbie. I have all the outfit information under the cut, but one thing I wanted to comment on was the alpha I’m using for my teeth. I’ve used the same alpha/teeth combination for years, PXL did an immaculate job with their teeth, and there was no reason for me to change. I took a peek around District 5, and found some teeth by [whatever]. The teeth were cool, with different variations (some not very attractive, which I found refreshing!) the thing that really caught my eye were the mesh alphas that they included! There were five alphas, and they give your lips a totally different look! I still use my PXL teeth, but I recommend checking out these alphas if you’re interested.

HAIR +Spellbound+ Serenity Natural Selection Click here    
CIRCLET [Keystone] Corta Gold/Ruby Click here Click here We ❤ Roleplay
NECKLACE >glYph< Poisonous Necklace Rubin     Totally Top Shelf
ARMBANDS .aisling. Sadhana   Click here   The Fantasy Gacha
BRACELETS .aisling. Sadhana A & B Click here   The Fantasy Gacha
RINGS .aisling. Sadhana A & B Click here   The Fantasy Gacha
CORSET ISON Leather Corset Sand Click here Click here  
SKIRT *{Junbug}* Flowing Skirt Crimson Click here Click here The Fantasy Gacha

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