LOTD 062


This unintentionally looked like a rip off version of Snow White and the Huntsman promos. But I don’t hate it!! I love this skin, so much and the hair of course. I also saved this as a draft and I forgot to post it….the holidays are so busy!! I’m sorry!

HAIR Truth Feronia Variety
HORNS The Little Bat Seelie Horns Totally Top Shelf
COLLAR Fuubutsu Dou Unseelie Collar Midnight Totally Top Shelf
CHEST PIECE Noodles Spiral Metal Bra Black
DRESS/GLOVES [Stitched] Nuala Black Totally Top Shelf
BELT .aisling. Qarth Lady Black
WINGS [][]trap[][] Riven Wing Black
SHOES ISON Leather Strap Sandals Black

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