LOTD 064



I just really wanted show off two of my favorite pieces, as well as my new mesh body which I love. First let’s talk the corset, it was a rare from the last Fantasy Gacha Carnival and I love it. The details with the shadowing/layering of fabrics and the seamless shaping is amazing. Next is the crossover hair between Fiore & Little Bones. LOVE LOVE LOVE, I can’t even. I got The Shops mesh body, which I picked above the others out there because I was in love with this skin since I first tried it, but never got it because there were no Slink appliers. The biggest drawback to this body is obviously the incompatibility with Slink (which is really a huge draw back for me because I own way too many shoes…) and the fact that I haven’t figured out how to apply tattoo layers. The alpha layer is a little hard with certain clothes too, but I usually just end up altering my shape as best I can. Beta for a reason right!? Click the cut for the credits ❤


HAIR Fiore x Little Bones Raya Ombres
NECKLACE =Zenith= Egypt Necklace Gold
CORSET Cila The Oriental Alchemist
BOOTS ISON Thigh High Hoove Boots




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