I mainly just wanted to showcase this dress and the wonderful new hairs that are popping up all over the place. Firstly, the dress is from Luas by Ainara and you can find it at the Conquest Event. It is a Game of Thrones themed event and it has so many amazing clothes and accessories, which is really helpful if you roleplay in a GoT themed sim like me! The dress comes in 6 different colors, and each color has a normal silk version, or a damask version so you can switch it up. It also comes with bracelet accessories!

Next we have the hair, oh god the beautiful hair. I am absolutely in love/obsessed with hair. First let’s start off with the Wasabi Pills hair. There are two versions of this hair for sale at the Conquest Event event, the one featured above and there is one that has a little bit more fringe. I love these hairs because a) they fit the genre and b) Wasabi allows me to tint the hair to fit my specific taste. Next we have Moon, which, I most likely have every single hair from Moon. Their variety pack is the best one I’ve ever seen, and the way they leave realistic stragglers and baby hairs is so cute. This particular hair is featured at Summerfest ’15. I recently discovered Entwined at an event a month or two back and I really like the diversity of their styles. They create new looks that don’t look like they reworked old styles and their textures are really amazing too. Both of these hairs can be found at the new round of Shiny Shabby! The Elua hair is also featured at Summerfest ’15 and while this is the first hair I’ve gotten from them, I’m absolutely in love with how messy this top knot is, because realism. Aaaand last but not least, a new release from Truth hair, gives you the sultry sex appeal we all need.


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