Skin Glam Affair Rose Asia
Hair Exile City Princess Naturals Collabor88
Brows Soiree Kat Brows Dark Brown
Eyes [Buzz] Lillian Coyote
Body Maitreya Lara
Eyeliner Adored Bodyshop Vampy Liner
Ears Mandala Steking Ears Season 5
Freckles .random.Matter. Perfectly Flawed Freckles & Moles
Face Paint Aii Inari Makeup Black
Lipstick Glam Affair Romy Loudmouth Applier 1-3
Tattoo Sourires Merci Suicide Dollz
Hairbase Just Magnetized Natural Hairbase Set 3/Tint 5
Hair Pin Tia Empress Hair Pin Gacha *RARE*
Flower Mandala Miyabi Corsage White
Headpiece Keystone Dia Silver Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Earrings Keystone Dia Silver Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Collar Luas Kalina Collar RARE Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Pole Takeo Withered Bamboo Pole Sake Master RARE Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Harness Ghost Story Myantha Harness Hyacinth The Alchemy
Bracelets Haste Satire Bracelet Hematite
Skirt Pixicat Foo Armor Silver We Love Roleplay
Shoes Pixicat Geisha Shoes Black/Flat


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Skin Glam Affair Romy Asia
Hair Exile Miles To Nowhere Naturals Collabor88
Makeup Lovely Disarray Neo Geisha Concept Tamashi
Lipstick Lovely Disarray Neo Geisha Concept Loudmouth applier
Body Maitreya Lara
Eyes Buzz Lillian Eyes Coyote
Chopstick May’s Soul Loto Hair Stick Gold
Left Flower NAMINOKE Azalea Hair Piece White We Love Roleplay
Right Flower Mandala Miyabi Corsage Red
Collar May’s Soul Mei Mei Jewelry RARE
Chain Haste Constance Chain We Love Roleplay
Bodysuit r2 A/D/E Rikka Silver Collabor88
Bracelet The Forge Lavendar Bracelets Gold
Arm Cuff May’s Soul Mei Mei Jewelry RARE
Legs .Shi Leg Harness

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