I rarely ever post furniture blogs, mainly (like I’ve stated previously) because I don’t decorate well enough to actually know what I’m doing. I come from a Gor background on Second Life, so it’s been beaten into my head over the past few years that LESS is MORE, leaving most of my rooms looking pretty sparce. However, I have gotten a few things from [Noble Creations] that I absolutely love, so I wanted to share a few of them!

This bathtub is to die for. All of their mesh work is done amazingly. Their items are smooth and well-textured, the only problem I have is that the textures aren’t tintable (which isn’t really a bad thing) and the items are ‘full bright’, so when I try to do a cool windlight like I’m super artsy and good at SL photography, the items don’t change with the windlight. Otherwise, these are some amazingly well-made items, that are pretty low prim, and perfect for my Gor home!

Bathtub – [Noble Creations] (andycool90) – Sacred Bathtub

Bed – .aisling. (damian kleiner) – Alpha Bedroom
Dresser/Nightstands – .aisling. (damian kleiner) – Alpha Bedroom
Sword Wall Decor – [Noble Creations] (andycool90) – Simple Swords – LIGHT
Wall Decor – [Noble Creations] (andycool90) – Golden Altar 2
Helmet – [Noble Creations] (andycool90) – War Helmet


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