LOTD 046

I got to have a lot of fun with this one although I have nowhere to wear it! First let us talk about the beautiful jewelry/pauldrons that Lark has made for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. The crown, pauldrons, and earrings will be featured by On A Lark at the event, and as usual, they come … More LOTD 046

LOTD 045

    Another preview of the wonderful things coming to Totally Top Shelf! First we have the witchy set up by Nerdology which is shown above! It comes with everything you see here (minus the rug) and then some. Orbs, a raven, a tarot card, potion bottles, spell books galore. As for the outfit, the … More LOTD 045

LOTD 044

I just really wanted an excuse to wear these shoes. I bought way too many shoes from Dirty Princess’ marketplace store. I got the hair from the new round of FaMESHed and Wasabi Pills did an awesome job. I think the parted blunt bangs are adorable, and the little stray wisps too. The pauldrons are from … More LOTD 044

LOTD 043

  Here is another preview from Totally Top Shelf, coming August 11th! I have used a lot of {S0NG} products before, mainly their eyeliner (because it is amazing and simple and not ridiculously prices) which have been featured in almost all of my previous blogs, so when I saw they were releasing eyes for TTS … More LOTD 043

LOTD 042

My lovely friend was a doll and posed for me so I could do a male post. The male clothing game in SecondLife, especially in Gorean/Viking/Medieval, whatever you would like to call it, has really stepped up it’s game. My friend Jesus, here, is wearing one of my favorite pieces from Peqe, which is now … More LOTD 042

LOTD 041

The Totally Top Shelf event is starting and I was really excited to blog this item, just because I got to have a little more fun with it and stray from the traditional gowns/dresses/etc. The theme for this round is ‘elements’ and Sad Harlekin brings us two staffs, the one featured is the frost staff, … More LOTD 041

LOTD 040

  It’s wedding season! Roleplaying a Tyrell it’s very hard to find good green clothes, but thankfully Junbug let me tint this dress, and it fit perfectly with the decor. The wrist cuffs and flowers are from On A Lark, the flowers you can get at Save The Date, and the cuffs are at the … More LOTD 040

LOTD 039

  Yes, another one. I am on a roll. I have found it’s very very very hard to find a hair that doesn’t cascade over the front of your shoulders, which has been problematic for me because sometimes I like to wear big, gawdy necklaces that I want to show off, but can’t. Well my … More LOTD 039

LOTD 038

Lark has done it again! This mini dress/camisk serves double duty as either a slave-y fantasy outfit or an urban dress for a night out~ It comes in various colors and I absolutely love the exposed side. My hair is from +Spellbound+ and you can ge tit at this month’s Collabor88 set up. The neck corset … More LOTD 038

LOTD 037

  I know, I know. Ke$ha took over my avatar for a few minutes. I usually have one favorite piece to my outfits but this one, I love every single piece. The hair is from +Spellbound+ and I recently just discovered them. I love their hair because they are definitely edgier with the blunt bangs … More LOTD 037