LOTD 062

This unintentionally looked like a rip off version of Snow White and the Huntsman promos. But I don’t hate it!! I love this skin, so much and the hair of course. I also saved this as a draft and I forgot to post it….the holidays are so busy!! I’m sorry!

LOTD 061

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, sometimes the best outfits are the simplest! This dress by *Sweet Kajira* makes it easy, featured at Totally Top Shelf, with the patterns and different color fades. This is one of my favorite hairs right now, by Little Bones, because it has actual spiral curls instead … More LOTD 061

LOTD 050

  I needed to take a break from the blog for a few because honestly, my inventory is depressing. I can’t, for the life of me, remember which event which item came from, and if I don’t blog it -immediately- I’ll forget I even have it. I feel like I need a SL filing cabinet, … More LOTD 050

LOTD 049

Totally Top Shelf is here and the more items that I see the more I like them! There are a lot of staffs this round, and this post is featuring one from >glYph< which comes in an assortment of colors, I am wearing the violet to go along with my hair. Munereia is featured twice in … More LOTD 049

LOTD 048

  I am featuring two of my favorite items right now, one from Tales of Fantasy, and one from the upcoming Totally Top Shelf event! First I’ll start with TOF, and my good friend Damon at Enigma has made another phenomenal item. The Valkyrie pauldrons come in different metal options and the detail work and … More LOTD 048

LOTD 047

  Yes, another Totally Top Shelf post! The pieces that the designers are coming out for this event really stand out above other pieces I’ve seen for different events, and I’ve never been one to dress up TOO much, so I really dig the fact that these are easy to dress with sparing jewelry, etc. … More LOTD 047

LOTD 046

I got to have a lot of fun with this one although I have nowhere to wear it! First let us talk about the beautiful jewelry/pauldrons that Lark has made for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. The crown, pauldrons, and earrings will be featured by On A Lark at the event, and as usual, they come … More LOTD 046

LOTD 045

    Another preview of the wonderful things coming to Totally Top Shelf! First we have the witchy set up by Nerdology which is shown above! It comes with everything you see here (minus the rug) and then some. Orbs, a raven, a tarot card, potion bottles, spell books galore. As for the outfit, the … More LOTD 045