LOTD 062

This unintentionally looked like a rip off version of Snow White and the Huntsman promos. But I don’t hate it!! I love this skin, so much and the hair of course. I also saved this as a draft and I forgot to post it….the holidays are so busy!! I’m sorry! Advertisements

LOTD 041

The Totally Top Shelf event is starting and I was really excited to blog this item, just because I got to have a little more fun with it and stray from the traditional gowns/dresses/etc. The theme for this round is ‘elements’ and Sad Harlekin brings us two staffs, the one featured is the frost staff, … More LOTD 041

LOTD 040

  It’s wedding season! Roleplaying a Tyrell it’s very hard to find good green clothes, but thankfully Junbug let me tint this dress, and it fit perfectly with the decor. The wrist cuffs and flowers are from On A Lark, the flowers you can get at Save The Date, and the cuffs are at the … More LOTD 040

LOTD 039

  Yes, another one. I am on a roll. I have found it’s very very very hard to find a hair that doesn’t cascade over the front of your shoulders, which has been problematic for me because sometimes I like to wear big, gawdy necklaces that I want to show off, but can’t. Well my … More LOTD 039

LOTD 038

Lark has done it again! This mini dress/camisk serves double duty as either a slave-y fantasy outfit or an urban dress for a night out~ It comes in various colors and I absolutely love the exposed side. My hair is from +Spellbound+ and you can ge tit at this month’s Collabor88 set up. The neck corset … More LOTD 038

LOTD 037

  I know, I know. Ke$ha took over my avatar for a few minutes. I usually have one favorite piece to my outfits but this one, I love every single piece. The hair is from +Spellbound+ and I recently just discovered them. I love their hair because they are definitely edgier with the blunt bangs … More LOTD 037

LOTD 036

  I have to say, I am really loving this whole fitted mesh craze. Some lovely woman I met at a sim where I roleplay, decided to give me some free trials of her clothes, telling me she was going to start making them again, and when I saw they were fitted mesh, I died … More LOTD 036

LOTD 026

  I’ve been having such a crap time with my computer, I cannot wait for my taxes to come back so I can get my new one. As most of us in blogland know, there have been a million and two new festivals, fairs, events, etc. and my inventory is having a very hard time … More LOTD 026

LOTD 024

  I haven’t been getting to very many events lately, but I am really excited that there is going to be another round of the Fantasy Collective! On A Lark designed this cut out halter top for the event and I am in love with it, I might start playing a slave!! It’s not only … More LOTD 024